Swift, simple and efficient, the daily shower has long become a vital part of our modern body care routines.  In fact, taking a shower has come to be taken for granted by many of us.   Yet showering can be so much more from a relaxing rainshower to an invigorating massage, showering can be a source of fun and enjoyment for all.  This is because showering lets us experience water in its most original form a naturally flowing element which envelops us to regenerate and invigorate our bodies and souls.

To help you enjoy all the different aspects of showering, Grohe offers you handshowers and shower systems which are easy to adapt to the mood and needs of the moment.  Engineered for reliability and peace of mind, these showers feature numerous unique details for a showering experience that is refreshing and surprising every day.
Grohe designs have been bestowed with numerous international awards.  Quality, Design and Technology is embedded in the core Grohe philosophy.

In the Bathroom we have the widest range of products for all draw-off points and in three styles: Cosmopolitan, Contemporary and Authentic
GROHE Sensia® Arena 
GROHE Tempesta
GROHE Euphoria 
GROHE RainShower SmartControl
GROHE G1000 GROHE 2000 
GROHE Concetto
GROHE Adagio
GROHE Master G3000
each with a distinct look and characteristic, to satisfy our consumers around the world. Other exciting evelopments include our pioneering GROHE Power&Soul® shower with seven ‘one click’ combinations of both invigorating and relaxing spray patterns, as well as the continued development of GROHE Eurocube, which offers a Cosmopolitan range at an affordable price.
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