Aqualisa has always pioneered groundbreaking, original product design. The patented and unique technology of the bi-metallic thermostatic shower valve is at the heart of Aqualisa’s phenomenal success. Its design means that an Aqualisa shower delivers more water to the shower head, controls temperature accurately and resists limescale build up more effectively than conventional mixer showers.

Aqualisa are also responsible for the revolutionary, Digital Shower, utilising a remote processor, Digital showers are thermostatic and versatile. The processor, which blends hot and cold water is sited away from the shower, so there’s no need to damage walls or tiling, making installation incredibly easy.

Aqualisa showers are renowned for outstanding performance, safety, reliability, quality and durability. Aqualisa believe that whilst the time you spend showering might be short, it should be nothing less than sensational.

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