An Aga is made of cast iron – a dense, strong and stable metal with remarkable heat storage and transmission properties. Conventional ovens have very little mass and cool rapidly, causing them to continuously cycle on and off in an attempt to maintain a steady temperature. As a result, oven temperatures can swing up to 75∞F (24∞C) and subject food to frequent high blasts of uneven heat.

An Aga, in contrast, generates heat through a single heat source which is then continually released by the cast iron through the ovens and hot plates – that’s why an Aga is always ready to use. This ‘radiant heat’ is transmitted from all sides of the ovens and is “less severe” than heat that would be created by a direct fuel flame or electric element.

The Aga result? All the moisture, flavour, texture and goodness of the food is preserved, producing the ‘Aga taste’ owners talk about so passionately!

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